” Of the world's most renewable material iron, I craft shimmering shapes that seduce with the pure elegance. Rust is metal in decomposition, like a flower that fades. I find my inspiration in nature. That's how it started- I found a rusty piece of metal. Where it came from and how long it was there, I do not know, but with its patina and various layers of rust, it seduced me. The sheet was hard and dirty, gave me blisters, cuts and burns. But passion and curiosity took me further, my first creation was a lily. This is how I work. With contrasts in form and material, turning on traditional concepts, I let myself get seduced…" 
- Elena Berg Österdahl
Welding Berg Österdahl

Photo: Anders Nyberg

To see and find out more visit the website: www.bergosterdahl.se
Elena Berg Österdahl is a designer and artist who mainly creates furniture and sculptural decorations in metal, concrete and wood for both indoor and outdoor use. She finds inspiration in the Gotlandic nature- the Swedish island where she was born and raised. That's how it started, she found a rusty piece of metal, and with its patina and various layers of rust it almost seduced her. Now the rusty metal is her trademark, and from it she creates fantastic flower collections that are beautiful, inside and out. Elena spends her summers in her studio in Havdhem on Gotland, and her winters in her Swiss Alps studio in the village of Gryon.


Elena Berg Österdahl
Photo: Linnea Ronström