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Christmas is a time when we socialize and create memories. But also a time to remember back to what has been - through scents, tastes, songs and things.

Every year I create a new Christmas pendant in 100 numbered copies. They are released before Christmas and are therefore called Julhänge, but they can be used all year round!

They are beautiful together for you who collect - but also do well on its own.


This year I have been experimenting with my basic shape, the petal, in different ways where the shadow image is one important part of the overall form.

The pendant changes expression depending on which direction it is viewed from, and gives different shadows depending on the ambient light. For the pendant's delicate details I have been helped by a laser cutter.

The patina has been allowed to develop with vinegar and the dew of the nights. The chain makes the pendant flexible and gives the opportunity to rotate, which creates exciting shadow images.

I hope you like it!